365 Words A Day- Day #1

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.  I was just thinking today about all the great people I’ve met in life through triathlon, running, and sports from all over the country and world.  There was a core group many years ago that would blog on a frequent basis , and really played a pivotal part on my Ironman journeys, in my endurance racing, and some of these bloggers became like family to me.  We all had some really epic races, some not so hot races, some well prepared for, and some not so.  There was never an adventure we took lightly.  Whether together or solo we made the best out of every outing/race.  So for years we did a lot of blogging and bantering about triathlon.  Slowly as the years went by our kids got older, we got older, busier with life, and most of us have faced some hardships along the way.  But our love and kindness to one another, and their families’ have never wavered.

Tonight I got a notification that “Momo”, Melissa, had started a 365 Word A Day Challenge getting her blog up.  Soon we all hijacked her Facebook thread on this, say “hey…lets all of us do this”.  Let’s dust off the blogs and start at it, and if you don’t then let’s do Wildflower Triathlon”.  Yup…we are all educated people, but nothing fires us up like a good old bet.  So the blogs are coming alive again, and yes, we do plan on having a meet up.  Nothing specifically planned, as most of us have always felt that when the time is right, we will find the right race to be a part of.  I’ve got a lot of ideas, lots of ambitions on what we could accomplish, but patience is key.

I look forward to the group of us blogging on a regular basis.  We are all in different areas of the country, different professions, different family situations, but the one thing I know, this is a group that has enormous hearts, and are able to endure the toughest situations whether on a race course or on the journey of life.  Together we will accomplish many great things.


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