My One Wish

Wow…it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post.  YIKES!  This will tend to happen when you have three busy boys, spend a lot of time with family and friends, and in the process train for an IM with all your heart.  But it’s been a great summer in the Basala home.  

One of the many things I’ve enjoyed this summer is having more boys around (my dad included).  The kids are at the age where their friends are coming and going, “hanging” out here with us, and I feel as though I have added many more sons. It’s so neat to see your kids grow up and choose friends that have the same interests, and how it feeds their passions and spirits.  It’s an amazing gift, and I love to hear all the extra voices of excitement around here.

Lately I’ve been thinking about health in general.  I’ve never been one to preach or sound like an infomercial but really our health is so important.  Perhaps its almost hitting that magical number of 40, or being more aware of what we do, how we eat, and how we live really influences our overall health, how we feel about ourselves, and overall results.  

One of today’s events was having an exercise stress echo test done.  


I am not to worried, but I’ve had a couple of “incidents” that lead to this appointment, and I am sure the outcome will be fine.  But as a wife, parent, and someone that likes to swim, bike, and run these incidents needed to be addressed, and not ignored. 

During the test I had the opportunity to talk to the exercise physiologist and the ultrasound tech, and I started asking questions of how exercise and nutrition impacts these tests, which lead to a conversation where our overall nation is headed in terms of health.  I wasn’t shocked, but when I think of it happening in my children’s own community its scary.  I immediately wanted to leave there and “do something” about this crisis we are in.  And yes….we are in a health crisis.  

Like I said before, I’ve never been one to preach, but here’s my ONE WISH...for anyone who is wanting to make a change for better health is to start out small.  Change one thing:  skip the soda, drink more water, eat out less, have one salad a day, take the family to your local farmers market, invest in a gym, take your kids to a park, take a walk, skip dessert, eat more fruit and vegetables….the sky is the limit.  

The one thing I’ve learned is that change doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s constantly being aware and making positive choices.

An athlete that inspires me and one that has really taught me a lot wrote a blog post this summer and it was in relation to some hard training sessions, and how she broke them down and “stayed in the moment”.  I’ve taken that “staying in the moment” and have consistently used it pertaining to nutrition and diet, training, parenting, etc.  When we stay in the moment of what we are doing, positive changes tend to become easier, as we’re not so overwhelmed by the big picture.

If you want post a comment on this post about that one thing you’re going to try and change, and I’ll do my best to encourage you a long the way.  One change is one step in the right direction!  



2 thoughts on “My One Wish

  1. You are speaking my language, sister! Today while running I came across a guy who lit up a cigarette. I said as I passed by “You should put that out and come with me!” He said “Yeah, probably should.” As I ran along I was hoping I didn’t come off as being “holier than thou,” and wanted to turn around and tell him that. As luck (or being directionally challenged) would have it, I had to turn around because I missed my turn. I saw him again and said “by the way, I didn’t mean that in a “holier than thou” way, it’s just that running is what got me to quit smoking years ago.” He said he’s been thinking about it for about 5 years. I encouraged him to try running as a way to quit smoking.
    ANYWAY, what am I going to do? Get more sleep. I don’t get enough, especially for the level of training I’m doing.
    Thanks, Kim!

    • I loved your response today Jenni. I think what makes it sometimes hard for us is that we love doing what we do, so the last thing we want to do is discourage someone in all our excitement. And that the fact that you saw this man twice, was just meant to be. I know you left a “seed” of hope in him. Lets keep this rolling. Sleep…I hear you. Always think I’ll get to bed earlier, but doesn’t seem to happen. Let’s try and make it happen…especially the next couple of weeks, as we need to be REAL rested for our Birthday Party! (Which by the way I am working on shirts! I think at least the birthday girls need them, and those that plan to join our sufferfest of 140.6 miles!) What a way to spend our birthdays! 🙂

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