Been A Long Time

I realized the other day that its been quite a long time since I wrote any type of post here.  There are so many reasons why, but to sum it up life is just busy with 3 boys, Joel, and myself all training for something.  Our running/triathlon season kicked off in March about the same time as the boys swam at state, so another swim season is in the bag.  Summer session for them starts up in April, so we have a little time, though the kids have explained to us “that they’re going out of their mind” without exercising.  So this has led to more running, and tonight we’re back in the pool on our own so that they can sleep at night.  I love their enthusiasm at such as young age, and they serve as a reminder to us daily how our actions as parents are passed onto our children.  I love where we are at with them in life.  And the bonus in all of their excitement for sports is that they have such great friends, that I consider my own sons.

April will kick of my race season with some short running races, and as the months pass so will the duration/distances of my races, that will lead up to Ironman Louisville at the end of August.  I didn’t really know if an Ironman would be a race I’d be doing this year after last years race, which many of you know was a race of epic pain as my organs were literally blowing up inside of me.  What really sealed the deal for another IM  back in Louisville is that race day will fall on my 40th birthday.  And what better way to celebrate with 3 friends (Rick, Deb, and Jenni) doing the race as well, and to have a great group of families and support teams down there.  There is also a nagging feeling that most of us have experienced and it is “the race that didn’t go as planned.”  I had my best time yet, but I know I perhaps could have done better under different circumstances, so it’s about going back and trying again.  That never, never give up attitude.

The last 6 months have literally been about getting back on my feet, getting recovered from surgery, and gaining some new perspective on how I was going to train this year.  I’ve switched up training programs this year, and feel as though I am putting in lots of time and effort, but I am seeing results.  I don’t mind the work, as it’s not always about being easy, but I like the challenges I am given, and feel strong.  I’ve learned never to take your health for granted, and take advantage of each day that you’re strong and well.

The biggest thing I am looking forward to outside of family is that we’re in the midst of planning a week of training down in Louisville.  So excited to get back down there and get some solid training in, show Deb and anyone else the course, and better yet get those yucky and painful flashbacks of last year’s race gone before race day.

My goals have been set for this year.  Some go really deep, where the bar is raised high.  Just have to have that.  But the Simpsons, Joel, and I literally have been talking (and joking) that my main goals of IM this year are:

  1. No post-race visit to the med tent
  2. Not to lose any body organs
  3. To be able to return to the finish line to see the final finisher in
  4. Birthday celebration with Jenni as its our birthday weekend post race
  5. and no wicked and ugly race day pictures

Keep training hard and working towards your goals!  It’s going to be a good year my friends!



One thought on “Been A Long Time

  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing your inspiration. Kim, you are so blessed with the ability to share your enthusiasum and talent and inspire people to do the same. I look forward to following your IM experience this year as it was so exciting last year to see the posts and follow your progress. Enjoy the adventure!

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