New Year’s At The Gym

We are now nine days into 2012.  I’ve been thinking a lot about all the new members at the gym that I’ve been seeing lately, working hard at the their New Year’s resolution.  It’s just like every year.  The pool is packed, the locker room is crowded, you sometimes have to wait for a shower, wait for a machine, and all of a sudden you find your normal routine is thrown off, and perhaps you even become more impatient. Then you begin to wonder how long will this continue, and you think back to past years, and about this time the new members start to fade away, spring break vacations have come and gone, and things will be back to normal.

As I was swimming this morning I thought of how neat it would be to keep those new members at the gym.  Yes, it would be a change, but just think how many people could benefit.  I wondered what they were thinking, as I can’t imagine walking in to a gym in the New Year and quite honestly not be a little intimidated especially if exercise was something new for me.  They must feel nervous at times, and overcome by all the machines, layout of the gym, rules and procedures, a super fit person doing intervals on a treadmill, and so on.

We’ve all been where those members are at some point in our lives.  And over the years we’ve all shed a few inches and pounds (some more than others), learned the machines and ropes of the gym, gained fitness, and have made life long friends in the mean time.

My challenge this week to all of us that have been long time members at a gym is to extend out a helping hand to one of those new faces, in the midst of our rush to get in our workouts.   It could be as simple as a “hi”, “how’s your day”, “you look a little lost, can I help you find something”, and really the sky is the limit.  All it takes is less than a minute of your time.

Who knows….maybe that one person you reach out to could be your one of your training partners down the road.  And in the long run, giving a tad bit of yourself to someone, may mean the world to them at a time they felt most uncomfortable or unsure of themselves.

Let’s make a difference this week!



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